Island Song

An off-beat, poignant dramedy with a kinetic pop-rock score, boasting 7 MAC-nominated songs.
ISLAND SONG takes us through a year in the lives of five twenty-and-thirty-somethings sharing a city and the chain of surprising, meaningful, and partially random connections that bring them into each other’s spheres at moments that become pivotal.
As the city pulses around them, they each work through their own complex relationships with ambition, distraction, and the search for connection.


A post-modern, whimsical coming-of-age story set “back then-ish,” UNLOCK’D fuses baroque and classical with contemporary pop musical theatre in a story about the roles we are born into and people we secretly wish to become.
The musical tells the story of Clarissa, a smart, passionate young woman in the eighteenth century who has reached the limit of her frustration living in the shadow of her bombshell step-sister Belinda. Sweet, gorgeous Belinda complacently commands the attention of every gentleman of court, so, as the last party of the season approaches, Clarissa decides this is the day she’ll get Belinda married off and finally win a suitor for herself. But in a world rife with vanity, vacuous courtiers, mischievous gnomes, prudish fairies, and plenty of sibling rivalry to go around, it may not be as easy as Clarissa imagines.


A jazz/electro-pop fusion score, based on Rex Rose’s New Orleans novella, TOAST tells the gritty story of a community trying to put down roots in post-Katrina New Orleans and a young woman on a mission to finish a tattoo.
Tania, a magnetic, brash young woman with a broken-down car, returns to New Orleans to find her tattoo-artist ex-lover “Snake,” in hopes of completing her half-finished serpent tattoo and winning a new Harley in an upcoming biker mag contest. But, finding Snake still embittered over their break-up and also dying of AIDS, the reunion is more difficult than she ever imagined. All the while, her new community of Hurricane Katrina survivors works, in the wake of unimaginable loss, to find a way forward and let the party continue.


Set in Westside High School’s theater department, TECHIES chronicles the war between the actors and the technical theater specialists for a foothold in the school’s social ladder—even if it is the lowest rung.
As pompous and insecure actors try to dominate and diminish the awkward but crafty techies, sophomore stage manager Joan strives to keep everyone on speaking terms, all while pursuing her own dream of being the first ever “techie” president of a state theater association. But when her best friend, actor Veronica ascends to social media stardom in the school and decides to run for the same office, Joan gains clarity on all the slights suffered by techies at the hands of actors and leads a techie rebellion.

Carner & Gregor One

Featuring a daring blend of techno, pop, rock, and musical comedy, sung by some of Broadway’s biggest stars, including Tituss Burgess, Jeremy Jordan, Jackie Burns, Emma Hunton, and many more, this is the debut album of one of’s 12 “Contemporary Musical Theatre Songwriters You Should Know.”