A post-modern, whimsical coming-of-age story set “back then-ish,” UNLOCK’D fuses baroque and classical with contemporary pop musical theatre in a story about the roles we are born into and people we secretly wish to become.


UNLOCK’D tells the story of Clarissa, a smart, passionate young woman in the 18th century who has reached the limit of her frustration living in the shadow of her bombshell step-sister Belinda. Sweet, gorgeous Belinda complacently commands the attention of every gentleman of court, so, as the last party of the season approaches, Clarissa decides this is the day she’ll get Belinda married off and finally win a suitor for herself. But in a world rife with vanity, vacuous courtiers, mischievous gnomes, prudish fairies, and plenty of sibling rivalry to go around, it may not be as easy as Clarissa imagines.

Clarissa is tired of living in the shadow of her gorgeous, sweet, and sheltered step-sister Belinda, the most desired woman in the land. Belinda, while delighting in her suitors’ attention and gifts, refuses to commit to any of them. She cares most deeply for her beautiful hair, which sings to her (literally). But while the gentlemen remain in suspense, none of them have eyes for any other lady of court, and Clarissa determines that she will find a way to get Belinda married off and finally win some companionship for herself.

Clarissa pins her hopes on the Baron Windsorloch, a handsome gentleman soldier. He returned from war and immediately fell in love with Belinda (naturally), but he might just be enough of a catch to catch her. He, along with his bookish brother Edwin, is heading to a party at Hampton Court today, and the hunt is on.

What none of these mortals know is that the spirit world is watching. Three sylphs (fairies) who guard Belinda work tirelessly to keep her untouched by men. Meanwhile three grubby, mischievous gnomes seek to thwart the sylphs’ plans in any way possible.

The day progresses in a way no one could have expected, as Clarissa starts to believe that the intellectual Edwin could be a kindred spirit, while the Baron, quickly disenchanted by Belinda’s daintiness, begins to fall for Clarissa. But when Edwin and Belinda share a surprising moment of connection as they reflect on their similarly cloistered worlds (his in the library and hers at the dressing table), Clarissa snaps and cuts Belinda’s favorite lock of hair.

A Pandora’s box springs open, as Belinda is forced to deal with her own mortality for the first time, Edwin with his first experience of true passion, Clarissa with her intense envy for her sister, the Baron with the demands of duty in a complex world, and the gnomes and sylphs with their surprising attractions to each other.
Old rivalries surface, new rivalries emerge, politeness gives way to excess, and a battle soon erupts, forcing mortal and immortal beings alike to reconcile their truest hearts with the stories they have told themselves. Ultimately, they must discover that love is not just desire, but the way we care for one another.

Production History

UNLOCK’D played Off-Broadway at the Duke Theatre on 42nd St. June 16-July 20. 2013 under the auspices of Prospect Theatre Company, direction by Marlo Hunter, and musical direction by Brad Haak.

UNLOCK’D previously won a Richard Rodgers Award, was workshopped at TheatreWorks Palo Alto and Ravinia, and was presented at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2007, where it won the “Best of the Fest” audience award and Talkin’ Broadway Citations for “Best Musical” and “Best Original Theatrical Score.”

UNLOCK’D will run at the Queensbury Theatre in Houston, TX in February of 2018.


“Raw, undiluted joy… astounding, enveloping… Unlock’d shimmers with life… when musicals are taken seriously and gotten right, they can still be ravishing experiences truly worth singing about.” -Talkin’ Broadway
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“As much a visual treat as it is a rare and rewarding musical. . . wholesome family entertainment at its best. . .Unlock’d glitters.” -CurtainUp
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“Gregor’s music, which is simultaneously challenging and memorable… a dynamic score that will keep your ear engaged… just sit back and enjoy” – Theatremania
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“Witty repartee, poetic rhymes, catchy, well-sung, songs and perfectly choreographed movements. . . a comedic romp with bite.” – Theatre Is Easy
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“A real charmer… full of sparkling wit, sumptuous melodies” -Broadway World
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UNLOCK’D Selected as NYMF Best of Fest!

UNLOCK’D Featured in Talkin’ Broadway’s 2007 Summer Theatre Citations

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