Having worked on our songs with a wide range of performers, from college students to Broadway stars, we have lots of experience working with performers and are pleased to be able to offer song coaching, time-permitting. You can work with us “2-on-1” in-person, remotely via Skype or FaceTime with Sam, or 1-on-1 in person with Derek.

To book time with us at our home-studio or schedule a live video session on Skype, please email us at [email protected].

Our Philsophy

As much as we strive for beautiful melodies and humorous or touching lyrics, above all we work to write acting songs; many are really mini-scenes, and we hope that all find their way to emotional truth. Through working with accomplished actors and directors over the past several years, we’ve had the opportunity to learn how to coach our songs and bring out the arcs, humor, and dramatic potential of our material. These sessions will involve digging into the musical and lyrical nuances of our songs to help you better tell their stories. We hope this will be helpful in your auditions, cabaret performances, and more.