New 8-Measure Audition Song

June 17, 2011

Performers talk to us all the time about the stresses of picking material for auditions. It’s not only finding a song that shows off their abilities; it’s also finding something obscure enough that the people behind the table haven’t already heard it thirty times over the course of the day. Once a singer has found the perfect song, she often has to cut it down to a quarter of its size or less. How can you show acting range in only sixteen bars? Or, even harder, in eight? Well, that’s exactly what non-Equity performers have to do at many auditions. Sometimes, even Equity performers have to as well. At the behest of our friend Cecelia, we just wrote CARNER & GREGOR’S 8-BAR AUDITION SONG. We hope it will ease the plight of actors by providing them with an eight-measure song (no cutting necessary!) that has acting range and vocal range. And as for obscure? Well, who’s less popular than us? Check it out:

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