From Around The World

January 4, 2011

We hear from people around the country – and the world! who are performing our songs, and we’ve been blown away and honored. We wanted to share a few of these wonderful performances as well.

Enjoy some performances of our material from around the world!

Zion Huri Tel-Aviv, Israel Wall Lovin’|
Darryl Don Rivera Seattle Wall Lovin’|
Brian Crum Yale University All At Once|
Danielle Wade Windsor, Ontario So Far From Pennsylvania|
Sarah Smith Waco, TX Sing, But Don’t Tell|
BLEND of Roosevelt University Chicago Traffic Island Song|
Chip Mezo, et. al. Jackson, MI Too Much|
Nora Navarro Roosevelt U., Chicago After Hours|
Stephen Anthony Florida State University Wall Lovin’|
Jayna Katz Jackson, MI After Hours|
Danny Kam Seattle Stay Awhile|
Anabelle Garcia Philadelphia Shoulders Down|
Zacchaeus Kimbrell Univ. of Alabama Stay Awhile|
Ali Ewoldt Los Angeles Sing, But Don’t Tell|
Alex Rumbolz Western Wash. U. After Hours|
Julie Reiber Yale University Almost First Kiss|
Martin Hong Sydney, Australia Wall Lovin’|
Martyn McCann Glasgow, Scottland Stay Awhile|
Emily Carewe-Jeffries Bristol, England Sing, But Don’t Tell|
Joseph T. Urick Univ. of Florida Wall Lovin’|
Hannah Reclam Western Wash. U. TMI|
Sam Carner & Julie Reiber Yale University Where Did They Learn It?|
Jordan Snead Western Carolina U. After Hours|
Tina Henderson and Carly Berg Western Carolina U. Venice|
Luke Lords Meridian, Idaho After Hours|
Shawn Hooks and Zack Steele Dayton, OH Fleet Week|
Luke Kelly Sydney, Australia Wall Lovin’|